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A Good Plane or a Lemon

Published: May 8 2020

A Thorough Aircraft Technical Evaluation Reveals Whether You’re Buying a Good Plane or a Lemon

Today, buying a private plane is not seen as a luxury purchase anymore. For many companies and businesspersons, it is a necessary investment. However, without a thorough aircraft technical evaluation, you might end up buying a complete lemon! This kind of evaluation must be conducted by a qualified expert of aircraft maintenance and repair.

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Before you buy a used car, you will check under the hood. Fortunately, many of us understand car engines and mechanics to some degree. This is how we can identify a good car from junk. However, only an expert aviation engineer can check an aircraft’s mechanical parts and do an avionics inspection.
This is where an aircraft maintenance company like BocaMX will be of immense help. With a detailed aircraft technical evaluation from a reputed aviation company, you know exactly what you’re buying. Also, this technical evaluation and avionics inspection will help you negotiate a good price. However, buying any used aircraft online without such an evaluation would be absolutely folly.

The Two Aspects of Aircraft Technical Evaluation

Since an aircraft has many more parts than a car or motorcycle, a proper inspection takes time. Also, the aviation company or aircraft maintenance expert you hire will charge a certain fee. However, many people avoid paying for a proper aircraft technical evaluation. Unfortunately, these folks will end up paying far more eventually in repairs and parts!

There are two separate aspects of an aircraft the aviation engineer must check —

An Expert Avionics Inspection

This is the most difficult part of the process. Also, an avionics inspection requires a lot of special equipment that only an aviation company would have.
Avionics like an on-board FANS-1/A/+ or an ADS-B (Out/In) unit would be a great advantage. Other avionics like a WAAP device, satellite phone, or internet connection devices are also a bonus. Also, you may get great IFE systems on many of the private jets.

However, let your aviation maintenance expert decide which systems are practical and valuable. Often, old equipment like a VHF Radio are obsolete according to current aviation regulations. These parts would be removed anyway, so they are of no consequence.
The avionics inspection also evaluates the wiring and electrical circuits. The aviation engineer must inspect several thousands of miles of wiring inside the plane. A proper aircraft technical evaluation would require testing each wiring route for flaws or short circuits.

A Hands-On Mechanical Evaluation

This stage of the aircraft technical evaluation takes less time than the avionics inspection. However, you can’t do a mechanical evaluation without a well-equipped hanger. Therefore, it is important to take the plane to an aviation company like BocaMX for this evaluation.
A proper hands-on mechanical evaluation may require the aviation engineer to open some mechanical parts. The most critical parts which aircraft maintenance experts check are the engine, propeller system, and landing gear. Also remember to have the plane’s body checked for physical damage like dents or ruptures. These minor defects can be repaired but should also reduce the asking price of the aircraft!

An aircraft technical evaluation may be a paid service but saves you from bad investments. After buying a plane without an avionics inspection, you may need to spend a lot on upgrades and repairs. However, an expert aviation engineer can save you several thousand dollars in exchange of their minimal service fee. They can identify aircraft which have potential and won’t require too many repairs or upgrades. Also, remember an aviation company like BocaMX may have pre-evaluated and refurbished aircrafts on sale. These used planes are usually the safest kind to buy.

The Value of an Aircraft Technical Evaluation

A proper technical evaluation from a licensed aviation company holds weight for all purposes. This diagnosis and investigation will reveal the true state of the aircraft maintenance. However, how you utilize this information depends entirely on you.

If you’re spending to get an avionics inspection, you’re probably intent on purchasing the aircraft. However, do remember that the owner of the used plane will also reap certain benefits. If you share the evaluation information and diagnosis, the seller will be at a great advantage.

However, the true value of the aircraft technical evaluation is the validation by the aviation engineer. An official evaluation from an aircraft maintenance company like BocaMX does not require any second opinion. You can purchase the inspected aircraft based on the evaluation results and estimated price the aviation company determines.

Acting Upon the Aircraft Technical Evaluation

Once again, acting upon the information of an aircraft evaluation is a personal choice. You already have an estimated price of aircraft maintenance and repair to go by. However, if the aviation engineer has deemed the aircraft to be a lemon, it’s better to look for other options.

One of the smart ways to buy a second-hand aircraft is purchasing it from the aviation company itself. Remember, even a used aircraft will carry certain guarantees. The aircraft documents will have details of every mechanical repair and a full avionics inspection report. These documents will safeguard you against a bad investment.

Remember to trust the expertise of the aviation engineer who did the evaluation. However, it is also important to follow through with the suggestions of the aircraft technical evaluation. Get your aircraft maintenance providers to do all the mentioned repairs and upgrade the avionics as required.

If you want to purchase any used aircraft, consult Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC. As Florida’s best aircraft maintenance and aviation company, they have an infallible reputation built over decades. An aircraft technical evaluation from BocaMX is valid and referable anywhere in the US!


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