1981 Cessna 414A

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  • 8156 hours Total Time Since New
  • Serial No. 414A0609
  • Complete logs since new
  • VG’s increase GW to 7,100 Lbs.
  • Useful Load: 2,012 Lbs.
  • All AD’s Complied with
  • No Known Damage History
  • Aircraft is Maintained to part 135 compliant standards
  • Aircraft Delivered with Fresh Annual.

Note: Aircraft times are approximate due to active flight Schedule

  • Continental TSIO-520NB 310 hp RAM
  • SN: Left, 822310-R/ Right: 228461-R
  • Overhauled by RAM Aircraft
  • SMOH Left: 348/Right: 709
  • Exhaust A.D. 2000-01-16 complied with, 1500 hours time remaining until due again.
  • McCauley 3AF32C505C, 3 Blade
  • SN: Left: 960674, Right: 805244
  • SPOH Left & Right: 215
  • Overhauled by Tiffin Aire
  • Painted in 2021 to Match Aircraft Colors
  • Dual Garmin G600TXi 10” PFD/MFD Touchscreen Displays
  • Dual Garmin GTN 750Xi’s GPS/NAV/COM, ILS/LOC/RNAV/LPV/ with Synth Vision
  • Dual Garmin GI-275 Standby Displays
  • Garmin GFC600 Digital Autopilot, 3 axis/4 servos w/ Yaw DamperGarmin GCU485 Remote Autopilot Control Head
  • Garmin 7” TXi EIS Primary Engine Display with Fuel Flow
  • Garmin GTX345/330 Remote Transponders with ADSB IN/OUT
  • GMA35c Remote Audio Panel controlled by GTN750
  • GWX75 Digital Doppler Weather Radar, can be viewed from any display
  • 6 Hi Amp Garmin USB Chargers, 2 in Cockpit, 4 in main cabin
  • CiES Fuel Quantity Probes & Senders
  • XM Weather and Radio Installed
  • Yoke Mounted:
    • AP Disconnect Switch
    • CWS Switch (control wheel steering)
    • Dual PTT Switch
    • Elevator Trim Split Switch
    • PTC Switch (push to command) for Voice Activated Functions
    • Remote ELT Switch
  • All New Custom Leather 2 Tone Interior in Blue/White with Cross Stitch Pattern on Seats,
  • New leather side panels/headliner, all new plush carpeting throughout.
  • Leather wrapped yokes in Black/Grey to match metal panel.
  • New Metal Instrument Panel painted with our proprietary process to look like Carbon Fiber in Black/Dark Gray.
  • All panels and circuit breaker labels are Engraved into the aluminum panels themselves, no stick-on labels.
  • All Interior plastics around windows and sidewalls are covered in white leather.
  • Glareshield is covered in Blue Leather to match seats.
  • All New Custom Paint in Blue and Silver with Checkerboard Tail and Wingtips
  • All done with Metallic paint, Additional grey and red stripes to enhance paint scheme.
  • Premier Aviation’s Wheel Speed Covers added in 2021 with matched Carbon Fiber Paint look.
  • Last Annual and 100hr inspection: Oct. 2021
  • New Main Gear Tires & Tubes
  • Overhauled both Main and Nose gears with new Bearings & Strut seals
  • New Alternator on RH Engine
  • New AC Compressor
  • O2 Bottle pressure test
  • Battery CAP Check

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