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Best IFE System for Entertainment During Your Flight

Published: May 8 2020

The Best IFE System for Entertainment During Your Flight

These days, installing an IFE system could range from very simple to something extravagant. Since the aviation industry adores luxury, the best IFE installation varies according to your aircraft. Sometimes, the IFE system you have chosen may not compatible to your avionics. However, aircraft engineering experts like BocaMX can help you choose the right cabin upgrade.

The Best IFE Installation for Private Aircraft

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Several different companies around the world make in-flight entertainment products. Therefore, making a final choice for your IFE system can get complicated. Your cabin upgrade should keep you entertained without interfering with your aircraft’s engineering and electrical system.
However, private aircraft often end up with more IFE components than it can support. Since the aviation industry doesn’t control cabin upgrade for private aircraft, aircraft owners tend to go overboard. But overloading your aircraft electronics can be very dangerous.

Larger private aircraft like Falcon 900 Series and Gulfstream GVs can support a complex IFE system. The best IFE installation for such larger jets would be have internet support, as well as integrated user interface. The aviation industry considers these systems appropriate for larger private jets.
However, for a small jet like a Hawker Beechcraft or a simple plane like a Cessna, you must be careful. A very complex IFE system in such a small aircraft may put too much pressure on the electrical system. Although installing a simple music system and good speakers in a small plane would be just fine.

Remember: An IFE system may comprise several different components.

If you are combining IFE products from different companies, be very careful. Most aircraft engineering companies usually prefer an integrated system, which is easier to install. However, your cabin upgrade may be cheaper if you buy suitable (and compatible) products from different brands.

The IFE System and Your Aircraft Capacity

The best IFE installation companies will do a full system-check on the aircraft before adding any new components. Any expert of the aviation industry knows that the slightest change in your aircraft may affect the avionics. However, not all aircraft engineering consultants do a complete technical survey before installing cabin upgrades.
Since the aviation industry doesn’t provide any specific guidelines, it is best to refer with your aircraft manufacturer. All aircraft manufacturers have a list of avionics and IFE systems that their machines are compatible with. If you don’t see your choices on such a list, you can enquire personally.

Another important factor is taking your time to buy the right IFE system. If your plane is undergoing a cabin upgrade, it is a good time to buy a new IFE system. You can also purchase refurbished IFE components if you have a limited budget.
Though an IFE system won’t directly hamper your flight safety, it’s an additional load on your plane’s electronics. Therefore, you must be careful that your cabin upgrade doesn’t compromise your flight safety. This should be the most important feature of the best IFE installation.

Choose an IFE System According to Your Requirements

A very common mistake that aircraft owners make is when they choose unnecessary IFE features. The best IFE installation companies like BocaMX have seen how aircraft owners fail to be decisive. As the aviation industry continues to improve in terms of technology, these decisions become more critical.
If your private jet has a corporate boardroom, you cabin upgrade should include computers, speakers, and projectors. However, if your aircraft is just for casual flying, only install basic IFE components like speakers and display screens. This is the most efficient way for you to choose a suitable IFE system.

Aircraft engineering companies only install the entertainment system. Hence, as a service provider, it’s difficult for them to explain why certain aircraft doesn’t support the IFE system. No one wants to lose a client by saying ‘No’. But the aviation industry demands safety before everything else. Therefore, choosing the right cabin upgrade features is important.
However, it is your responsibility to choose the most compatible IFE system for your aircraft.

Rapid Changes in The Aviation Industry

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Aircraft engineering firms must constantly keep up with changes in the global aviation industry. With new and exciting IFE systems, aircraft owners often have impractical expectations. However, if your aircraft is of an older model, the latest IFE system may not be compatible. Remember to have practical expectations despite these rapid changes in the aviation industry.

A Complete Cabin Upgrade

A complete cabin upgrade usually includes changing your seats and aircraft interiors. However, the best IFE installation also requires integration with the cockpit. This means that there is a lot of complex wiring and in-lay work involved. Install all new IFE components during a complete cabin upgrade for a faster, and less complicated installation.

Aviation Industry Standards

Most of the companies like Rockwell Collins and FDS which manufacture IFE products follow international standards. The global aviation industry standards are not strict about what you may include in your IFE system. However, certain components like internet routers may interfere with communications. The ATC may instruct your pilot to switch these systems off within certain airspace.

An IFE System for Party People

The best IFE installation to party above the clouds will cost you a pretty penny. These entertainment systems are expensive because they give high quality output despite low power consumption. However, it takes the best aircraft engineering firms like BocaMX to install these complex systems properly. Most smaller aircraft repair companies don’t even have the right equipment for such work.


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