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How Florida’s Flight Maintenance Companies Attract International Clientele

Published: May 8 2020

How Florida’s Flight Maintenance Companies Attract International Clientele

Aviation maintenance is big business in the US. After all, USA has more chartered planes and private jets than any other country. Florida’s flight maintenance agencies like BocaMX hold a marked high ground within this booming industry.

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However, the new ADS-B and CPDLC mandate from FAA has further changed the dimensions of this business. Many of the smaller avionics engineering agencies are finding it difficult to keep up with changing demands.

Although installing ADS-B or CPDLC is simple, the challenge is procuring accreditation like an Argentinian or Venezuelan Aviation Certificate.
This is especially prominent when US airplane repair companies want to attract international clientele.

Any registered aviation maintenance firm in Florida can install ADS-B and CPDLC units in American aircraft. It isn’t very difficult for a trained avionics engineering team to install such upgrades either.
However, planes registered outside the US don’t have it so easy. Even with the high standard of aviation in Florida, flight maintenance is all about certification and accreditation! The airplane repair company must be internationally certified to attract international clients.

A Venezuelan Aviation Certificate is necessary to service planes from Venezuela. Similarly, airplane repair companies must have an LV Class credential to repair or upgrade aircraft registered in Argentina.
However, these international credentials are very difficult to earn.
Unfortunately, only a handful of Florida’s flight maintenance companies are authorized to work on international aircraft.

The Value of a Venezuelan Aviation Certificate for Aviation Maintenance

The FAA mandate applies to any aircraft flying within US airspace.
Unfortunately, this is a problem for planes from South America. Though avionics engineering is a global field, jurisdictions are quite strict. Therefore, every country operates under a different set of regulations.

Florida is the closest US state for countries in South America. Several private planes fly to the US from Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela each year. However, from 2020 onwards, these aircraft must have an active ADS-B and CPDLC installation.
However, for avionics engineering firms from the US without a Brazilian or Venezuelan Aviation Certificate, this is a dead end. While they can install ADS-B and CPDLC units, they cannot work on aircraft registered in other countries.
To enter US airspace, aircraft owners from South America need to upgrade their technology. However, they need the ADS-B / CPDLC unit to be installed under US jurisdiction. This where Florida’s flight maintenance firms have the upper hand.

Private aircrafts in South America have never previously required the same standard of avionics as Europe or USA. Hence, aviation maintenance companies in Venezuela, Argentina, or Brazil cannot install technology certified in USA.
Airplane repair companies like BocaMX have already worked on aircraft fit with international technology. This is where the Argentinian or Venezuelan Aviation Certificate bears value in avionics engineering. Only aviation maintenance companies with this certificate can provide this upgrade service.
However, most European aircraft already use ATNB1, which is comparable to CPDLC and ADS-B. Hence, only a few planes from Europe require upgrades under US authorization.

Other Avionics Engineering Services for International Clientele

There are other developments in aviation maintenance apart from ADS-B / CPDLC upgrades. Companies like BocaMX are not just local airplane repair companies.
Some of Florida’s flight maintenance companies are also authorized service providers for top aircraft manufacturers like Gulfstream and Dassault.
Repairing and maintaining these expensive machines require extreme precision. Even simple maintenance work like painting and engine servicing requires an overseeing engineer.

Only a few aviation maintenance companies in America are even eligible for credentials like the Venezuelan Aviation Certificate.
For an airplane owner in Venezuela, travelling to USA is not a problem. However, they can’t simply approach any of the available airplane repair companies either.
They must go to the few US aviation maintenance companies with Venezuelan Aviation Certifications.
Besides, it is more reliable to install the ADS-B or CPDLC technology in the US. Avionics engineering companies here would be familiar with the technology they have been installing for years.

The reputation of Florida’s flight maintenance firms is well known around the world. International clientele trusts these companies to provide unparallel service. Unfortunately, in the current situation, time and scheduling have become critical factors.
There are several large avionics engineering companies in the US, which increases competition within the local industry. This healthy competitiveness enforces reputed avionics maintenance firms like BocaMX to be at the top of their game.

New Challenges for Florida’s Flight Maintenance Companies

Florida had a special role when the ADS-B and CPDLC mandate was being chalked out. It was the perfect State to implement the first stage tests for this change in avionics engineering.

Florida has several reputed airplane repair companies in BocaMX which already catered to international clients. Also, these companies have international credentials like the Venezuelan Aviation Certificate.
However, the plan has worked too well. Today, it’s getting difficult for airplane repair companies to schedule all their clients for upgrades.

International clients are flooding aviation maintenance firms in Florida. Domestic clients are finding it difficult to book their aircraft for upgrades. With the deadline less than 65 weeks away, Florida’s flight maintenance firms are running short on time.

Several private jets and smaller personal aircraft in USA still require ADS-B units. However, since it takes time to complete a CPDLC upgrade, even larger avionics companies are under immense pressure.

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