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Published: May 8 2020

How an IFE Installation and Premium Cabin Furnishing Improves Your Flight Experience

Are you thinking of improving the level of comfort and flight experience on your plane? Start with a good IFE installation and upgrading your cabin furnishing. Aviation maintenance companies use these simple upgrades improve the overall flight experience of your plane.
Also, for chartered planes, these luxury upgrades add a lot of value. You can increase the tariff if your plane has a good entertainment system and plush interiors.
However, since the aviation industry doesn’t monitor these upgrades, there are a few things you should be careful about.
Improving a plane’s flight experience is a comparatively easy task. The top aviation maintenance companies like BocaMX can drastically change your cabin furnishing and IFE installation. However, improper installation can also lead to disasters. Also, remember that there is literally no limit to these luxury upgrades. Set a budget before you proceed.

The Best IFE Installation Features

IFE and cabin furnishing

A primary feature of a good IFE installation should be the audio distribution. Plane engines are loud, but cabin interiors should be sound-proofed.
However, that doesn’t mean that it is completely silent within the plane’s cabin. A low frequency background noise from the plane’s internal machinery and electronics disrupts your flight experience. Your aviation maintenance provider needs to mask this machinery noise with acoustic insulation.

Good sound systems for planes are different from normal audio systems. They consume less power but have a very high-quality output.
Install the speakers of your plane’s audio system during the cabin furnishing stage. It becomes easier to distribute the sound properly across the cabin space. The aviation maintenance crew will be able to find the right place in a stripped-down cabin.
Many business flights require an in-cabin boardroom for meetings. This kind of IFE installation is more about functionality than improving the flight experience.
There are several companies like Panasonic which manufacture such in-cabin boardroom equipment. Ask your aviation maintenance company to suggest brands which are compatible with your plane

Avoiding Problems During IFE Installation

Mostly, the IFE installation does not interfere with the avionics. However, the aircraft avionics and entertainment system use the same power source. This is the only risk with IFE systems.
Leading aviation maintenance firms like BocaMX usually have multiple crews working on a plane. The avionics engineering team installs the IFE installation first. The cabin furnishing team finishes up after.
By this distribution of work, top aviation maintenance companies avoid the chance of mistakes.

Make sure that you hire the right aviation maintenance personnel. You cannot compromise flight safety to improve your flight experience. A single faulty wire could cause a major disaster when you are miles above the ground!
Also, it’s best to get a complete cabin furnishing makeover when you’re installing a new IFE system. This lets the installation engineers to navigate the internal wiring better.
However, improper cabin furnishing could cause hidden wiring problems. If the furnishing team pulls on any wires or disrupts a circuit, it could mean a serious problem.
Therefore, the best aviation maintenance companies like BocaMX use different teams according to the requirements of each project. This work distribution method improves your flight experience without compromising your safety.

Few companies offering IFE installation also sell refurbished IFE components. Only the best aviation maintenance firms like BocaMX have technicians who can revive and refurbish aircraft parts. However, make sure that all the materials used for your cabin furnishing are brand new. Design your flight experience according to your personal tastes. Some genuine leather upholstery and tinted windows should make you feel in the lap of luxury and close to heaven!

Selecting the Right Cabin Furnishing

Selecting the right kind of cabin furnishing is entirely about personal tastes. You can only select your IFE installation from a catalogue of options. However, you can create your own flight experience by customizing the interiors of your plane’s cabin.
This is also where you need to watch your budget. Since there are no limits to luxury fittings, many aircraft owners end up spending more than they estimated.
Here are some of the most important factors when selecting your cabin furnishing:

Cabin Lighting Affects Your Flight Experience

The lighting design within a plane’s cabin can entirely change the mood. Business planes for corporate travel usually have simple bright LEDs and reading lamps. Chartered luxury flights however, may have very fancy lighting. Some of these lighting designs can be synced with the IFE installation to adjust to the mood. However, remember the plane’s power distribution. More lights mean more power consumption.

Upholstery, Curtains, and Carpeting

The type of furnishing materials you use will affect the flight experience in your plane. The IFE installation directly interacts with the user. However, the cabin furnishing has an impact on your subconscious mind. Genuine leather seats and beautiful carpets make you more comfortable. This comfort is more about your psychological state of mind than physical comfort.

Automated Features and Control Panels

Automated seats or personal drop-down screens greatly improve your flight experience. They add more value to your IFE installation with smart control panels and ambience control. However, make sure that these are installed by an experienced aviation maintenance team. The added electrical load should not interfere with critical avionics or other important functions of the aircraft.

If you want the best IFE installation for your aircraft, consult Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC. As one of the Florida’s top aviation engineering companies, BAM can completely revive your old aircraft. From complete engine overhauls and avionics upgrades, to classy cabin furnishing makeovers; BocaMX can completely transform your flight experience.

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