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Private Aviation Travel in Boca Raton

Published: May 8 2020

Private Aviation Travel in Boca Raton

In the past, private planes were thought of as a luxury that was limited to the rich and famous. While they remain a fabulous way to travel, they’re not just for the wealthy anymore. Though most people aren’t going to run out and purchase a jet of their own, unless that’s something that fits into their lifestyle, chartering private planes for family or friend getaways is becoming increasingly available to more than just celebrities. Imagine a family vacation to Greece or a bachelorette weekend in Key West. Traveling by private jet has many advantages and is more accessible than you might think.

Are Private Jets as Safe as Commercial Planes?

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While all flights must meet regulations, flying is the absolute safest way to travel with just 0.07 deaths per one billion passenger miles. Additionally, private jets are subjected to multiple third party examinations in order to pass inspection. They are subject to rigorous scrutiny and any issues and aviation repairs are made before use. And, since private jet pilots aren’t usually subjected to long days of flying with little or no sleep, they may be in better shape physically and emotionally than their commercial counterparts. And with the pending ADS-B compliance regulations looming, private aviation safety will be taking a giant leap forward! With each plane we provide ADS-B service on, we know that the airways have never been safer!

Will Private Travel Slow Down My Arrival?

Just the fact that you won’t need to pass through security screenings could save you plenty of time and frustration. When you charter a private plane, you are often able to communicate with the pilot via phone or text enabling you to make firm departure plans. Instead of getting to the airport 2 hours early, you can arrive as late as 30 minutes before your flight leaves when traveling this way. And with the new U.S. Customs station being installed just down the tarmac from our Boca Raton location, traveling abroad privately has never been easier!

Can I Bring My Dog?

While commercial airlines make your pet ride in special cages with the luggage, private jets commonly understand that your furry friends are family and allow pets to ride with you in your seat. Although this is usually true for domestic flights, if you’re flying internationally, it’s best to check the rules based on the country you’ll be visiting.

What About the Food?

Gone are the days of getting a good meal on a plane…if those days ever existed. Today, in an effort to keep ticket prices low, commercial airlines serve pre-packaged food. However, when you charter a private jet, you can arrange ahead of time for whatever kind of meal you want. No mini-pretzels and stale Lorna Doons, unless that’s what you want.

Can I Afford It?

Over the years, the cost of chartering a private plane has come down dramatically. In fact, for some flights, it can actually be more affordable to charter a jet with friends and family than it is to buy first class commercial tickets. While traveling somewhere by private jet might not be something you thought you could ever afford, if it’s on your bucket list, you should definitely investigate. It might be more attainable than you think!

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