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Using Refurbished Avionics and Mechanical Parts

Published: May 8 2020

Aircraft Maintenance Using Refurbished Avionics and Mechanical Parts

Aircraft maintenance is expensive, especially if your plane is a bit older. Once beyond the service contract period from the aircraft manufacturer, regular service becomes quite expensive. Therefore, owners often ask their airplane repair company to use refurbished avionics or body parts. These refurbished parts cost a fraction of original spare parts. However, they might pose a serious risk if they do not meet aviation quality standards.

refurbished aircraft

When an aviation engineer installs any refurbished avionics, they need to ensure that it works at full capacity. Very few technicians in the US can refurbish aviation equipment and parts. It is a very precise field, which is much more complicated than simple installation.
This is because few aviation companies can also repair microcircuits. Also, not all aircraft maintenance companies have the right equipment to test restored parts before installation.

All these factors make it risky to use these refurbished aviation parts. However, the story is different for a leading airplane repair company like BocaMX. With teams led by an experienced aviation engineers, aviation companies like BocaMX can revive any aircraft using refurbished parts.

How Safe are Refurbished Parts for Aircraft Maintenance?

You can save a lot of money with refurbished avionics and body parts. However, recovering parts from old planes is tricky business. Each part must be taken apart carefully and checked for faults or damages. Hence, it takes a large team of technicians several weeks to salvage a single plane or helicopter properly.

After that, an aviation engineer will test the parts for integrity and performance. A licensed airplane repair company will use certain standardized techniques for these ground tests.
However, only a handful of aviation companies in the US have the necessary facilities. Most smaller aircraft maintenance companies do not have the permits or equipment to ground test salvaged parts.

Refurbished Avionics

Avionics could define all kinds of aviation electronic equipment, including navigation and communication devices. These are not very easy to salvage in good condition. However, since new avionics parts are expensive, many aircraft owners prefer using refurbished parts instead.
In terms of aircraft maintenance, these refurbished avionics are not frowned upon. However, since these are the primary safety equipment guiding your aircraft during flight, you can’t take any risks.

However, as an airplane repair company, BocaMX suggests balancing things out. Vital equipment like FANS-1/A/+ or ADS-B (Out/In) units should be brand new.
Also, these avionics components are relatively new in the market. It would be very rare to see used ADS-B or FANS components available for sale. But there is no harm in using a restored IFE installation or some display screens.

Refurbished Mechanical Parts

It is relatively easier to find mechanical airplane parts being sold by various salvage companies in the US. An experienced aviation engineer would be able to easily identify if the parts are usable. However, any such salvaged mechanical parts need to be restored before being used for aircraft maintenance.

The process starts when an old aircraft is scrapped and salvaged. An airplane repair company like BocaMX has their own salvage operations. Then, the salvaged parts are checked for integrity. A ruptured wing or weakened body section cannot be used. These are sent to the scrapyard for recycling.

An aviation engineer will carefully choose the parts that can be refurbished. Like refurbished avionics, each section is repaired, tested, and then used. Each of these restored parts must be guaranteed by an aviation company as safe and air-worthy. Only after these strict safety protocols can these parts be used for aircraft maintenance and repair operations.

Not all aircraft repair companies can refurbish aircraft parts. While there are many aviation companies who can install and replace old parts, refurbishing is different. You also need a specialist aviation engineer who can test these refurbished avionics and mechanical parts. The airplane repair company needs to test each part under various specified parameters. These tests are based on aviation industry safety standards and follow very strict guidelines.

Aircraft Maintenance by a Reliable Airplane Repair Company

It is technologically simpler to use restored body and engine parts compared to refurbished avionics. This is because avionics usually have several complicated micro-circuits which cannot be repaired once damaged. However, engine parts and body parts are easier to restore after salvaging them carefully.

An expert aviation engineer and a capable team can restore most aircraft engine or body parts without too much trouble. However, a lot of this depends on how well the old aircraft was maintained. A well-maintained engine should produce several usable parts. Aircraft which were painted and cleaned regularly will also yield many usable sections like the wings or landing gear.

A complete aircraft maintenance operation can never be completed without a full exterior repair and paint job. The paint on your aircraft protects the metal ‘skin’ of the plane. Wear and tear from regular wind friction will eventually weaken certain sections of your airplane.

A dedicated aviation engineer will start with a physical inspection of your aircraft. They will identify parts to be replaced with salvaged body sections from other planes. The engine also undergoes a similar inspection. However, it is much more complicated to validate refurbished avionics.

Make sure that you find a reliable airplane repair company like Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC before purchasing any salvaged aviation parts. They have experienced aviation engineers and expert technicians to carry off a refurbishing and restoration project. Call __ now to get a consultation on purchasing used aircraft or restoring your aircraft with refurbished parts.


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