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What an ADS-B (Out) Unit Means for Your Aircraft

Published: May 8 2020

What an ADS-B (Out) Unit Means for Your Aircraft

Aviation maintenance firms across America are advocating ADS-B installation for the past few years. However, aircraft owners still have questions about how this change in avionics engineering justifies their interests.

BAM Hangar at Opa Locka Airport with three aircraft

BocaMX is among the best of Florida’s flight maintenance agencies. Over the last few years, they have seen how ADS-B has affected the aviation maintenance business. Clients are still questioning airplane repair companies about the viability of this upgrade.

However, this is an FAA mandate and is set in stone. No matter how you look at it, executive aircraft maintenance agencies have very little say in the matter. If you want to fly over US airspace after the 1st of January 2020, your aircraft must have an ADS-B (Out) unit

The ADS-B is an Evolution in Avionics Engineering

When the first stage testing went live in Florida, flight maintenance companies had very little to do. They were observing and learning how this new technology changes aviation maintenance. However, beyond that, they had no active role to play.

Some executive aircraft maintenance firms like BocaMX have worked on similar systems before. The ATNB1, which is the European avionics standard, has been in use for almost a decade now.
However, in the US, many aircraft owners are waiting for a change or postponement of the mandate. This is entirely folly! Unfortunately, airplane repair companies are the ones who will face the pressure of these delays.
ADS-B installation can be done by any registered aviation maintenance companies in the US.
However, the reason ADS-B is an “Evolution” in avionics engineering is a bit meta. It is more about making US airspace safer than a single aircraft.

Aviation Maintenance Companies are Only Providing a Service

Though airplane repair companies will earn a service fee for ADS-B installation, they aren’t policy makers. The mandate enforcement is not a gimmick to earn a few extra bucks.
Executive aircraft maintenance brands like BocaMX are trusted by clients the world over. Amazingly, European and South American aircraft owners seem to be more aware of this change in avionics engineering! Though the mandate is being implemented over US airspace, international clients are more proactive in installation ADS-B (Out) units.

In fact, aviation maintenance companies like BocaMX have more South American and European clients waiting for ADS-B upgrades.
If you don’t upgrade your aircraft before 2020, it will be grounded. Considering the rush some of Florida’s flight maintenance agencies are facing – this might be a reality for many.

Aircraft Safety and ADS-B

To be honest, this new evolution in avionics engineering is well planned and expertly designed. When the FAA wanted a new system, they through of all secondary possibilities.
Aviation maintenance firms see the practicality in ADS-B implementation. This single device makes flying safer for everyone.

Executive aircraft maintenance companies like BocaMX have serviced jets with very advanced technology. These clients are often the first to question the mandate. After all, their systems seem to be much better than the current ADS-B units in the market.

However, the fact is that there is a much larger scenario to consider.

  1. This mandate is to ensure that every plane has a set standard of avionics engineering.
  2. The ADS-B (Out) units are sold under subsidy.

If you ask Florida’s flight maintenance businesses like BocaMX, they will not deny that they are getting business out of the mandate.

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